O-Leg desk

This stunning new age desk is perfect for any home office. Desk is 60" x 30" and tops can be ordered in different laminate finishes.

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SIt stand desk

These Brand new sit-stand desks are extremely sturdy and have dual-motors. We have multiple colors of tops availale. These desks are ready in the box for pick up! call for yours today.


After long hours of sitting at your desk, this desk allows you to stand while working and give your back a break.

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Small desk

This brand new 48x24 desk is perfect for home office or for a child doing homework at home. In-expensive and ready for pick up in the box.

Mini Pedestal included.

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Haworth Zody Task Chair

High Performing Zody Task chair.

This chair is the only chair that has been recognized by the Physical Therapy association. This chair is perfect for people who have or are developping back pains.

Whether you need 1 or 100, this is the chair for you and your employees!

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Haworth Zody task chair

Extremely comfortable office chair with passive pelvic support and waterfall edges; this chair is designed to maintain the arch in our backs in order to attain complete comfort and ease while sitting :) 
ONLY chair recognized but the American physical therapy association!

Whether you need 1 or 100, this is the chair for you.

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Steelcase Think task chair

Steelcase Think task chair. This is the sister chair to the Steelcase Leap. This chair is extremely comfortable and light: the perfect chair for your home office.

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We have 24 sets of 6 lockers. 50$/door . each unit comes in a set of 6 (300.00$)
each unit comes with keys and every locker can be locked individually. Perfect for locations with non assigned seating.

contact for more info.

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